Membership Form

Membership Form

SHADE was set up by and for people who are Asian, Black, Latin, Middle Eastern, and from other diverse ethnicities, living in St Leonards and Hastings. 

We’d love to welcome you to SHADE. We are a non-hierarchical organisation, all members have an equal say in our decision-making and are encouraged to take equal responsibility for the running of the group.

An idea for a project, campaign or event can be put forward by any SHADE member at our monthly meetings, or by WhatsApp if urgent. All members are invited to vote on the proposal and once a decision has been made to hold an event under SHADE, we establish working groups to organise and report back to all members on progress. Let us know if you have any particular areas of interest or expertise, for example, fundraising, marketing, admin, finance, campaigning, etc. Please have a read of our constitution to find out more about what we’re about and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

We are currently unable to accept members who are under 18 but we hope this will change soon, please let us know if you are under 18 and would be interested in joining a youth SHADE group.

We are committed to promoting and developing equity and by monitoring the profile of SHADE members and participants in our projects, we can identify under-representation and develop strategies to ensure that we are representing all of our members in the work we do. This information also helps us to evaluate the composition of the SHADE and fulfil the requirements of funding body application forms.

We use WhatsApp to notify members notice of urgent SHADE meetings and decision-making polls. Please make sure you've entered your mobile number above.
Our constitution is reviewed on a regular basis and all members have an equal say in any changes made.
The information you have provided in this form will be kept confidential and will be disposed of if your SHADE membership ends. SHADE will not share your personal or identifiable details with any other parties or use them for anything other than SHADE matters. You can withdraw your consent at any time by emailing