Our Constitution

SHADE Constitution

  1. NAME

The name of the group shall be St Leonards and Hastings Alliance for Diverse Ethnicities (SHADE)

    1. To celebrate, empower, promote and support Asian, Black, Latin, Middle Eastern people, and people from other diverse ethnicities, living and connected to St Leonards and Hastings. 
    2. Receiving donations, raising funds and applying for grants and other finance where appropriate in furtherance of the aims of SHADE.
    3. To prioritise projects led by people from the groups we represent.
    4. To decolonise power structures and systems and oppose discrimination and oppression wherever it is found
    5. To disrupt and challenge negative social norms 
    6. To form partnerships with statutory bodies, local and national government, educational establishments, etc, to scrutinise, hold to account and support as a critical friend, and to increase inclusivity, representation and equity to ensure that local Asian, Black, Latin, Middle Eastern people and people from other diverse ethnicities are at the heart of all local decision making. 
    7. We respect and value the talent and skills in our community and commit to paying at least a Living Wage if not the industry rate. We recognise that not everyone has the privilege of being able to work for free nor should they be asked to do so. 
    8. To provide welcoming and inclusive safe spaces: 
      • To be a place to question and discuss SHADE related and local issues
      • To be a place to network and stay up to date, and share information with current events and discussions.
      • To provide social, cultural and educational enrichment 
      • To make JOY that is both for and about Asian, Black, Latin, Middle Eastern people and people from other diverse ethnicities that is not centred in trauma, which highlights our rich heritage and diversity.
      • To celebrate the contributions of Black, Asian, Arab and Latin peoples in rural settings. 
    9. For Hastings and St Leonards to become towns that are seen and known for their diversity and allyship. 
    1. Membership is open to anyone aged 18+  from the groups we represent who live in St Leonards and Hastings.
    2. There will be no membership fee
    3. Members will be asked to complete a simple online membership form to confirm their name, ethnic background, address and that they agree to adhere to the constitution and the aims and objectives of the group. This is to comply with GDPR and to help us to evaluate the composition of the group.
    4. Only members are entitled to be part of the decision-making process and attend decision-making meetings but events are open to all people in the groups we represent.
    5. Only members will be permitted to be in the SHADE WhatsApp group but the Facebook page is open to all.
    1. SHADE is a non-hierarchical organisation where all members are equal in decision-making with a one-member, one-vote system
    2. SHADE members will formally elect a Chair and Secretary for legal or official documents but in practice,  these roles will be in name only and roles will be rotated between members.
    3. SHADE members will elect a treasury team, of ideally three members, these roles will be fixed for a one year term to allow for continuity.
    4. SHADE members will elect three bank account signatories. Only one of these can be from the treasury team. These will be on a fixed one year term.
    1. SHADE will hold monthly all-member meetings
    2. The primary function of monthly meetings will be for decision-making and for working groups to update and get feedback from members
    3. Members must give five-days notice to all members of any business to be brought to the meeting and any information to be shared with members to read in advance of a meeting must also be sent five days in advance.
    4. The SHADE WhatsApp group will be reserved only for SHADE business
    1. All decisions will be made democratically by voting, each member has an equal vote.
    2. All decisions require a minimum of five to be passed.
    3. Members can vote in person at meetings or online if they are unable to attend a meeting.  If members miss three consecutive votes or meetings, we will contact and find out the reasons.
    4. Urgent decisions (eg. short notice events or demos) that must be made between meetings will be made by polling members online. Links to polls will be sent by email and in the Whatsapp group with a 24-hour deadline. 
    5. All members must be notified of all decision-making meetings or polls in the Whatsapp group and/or by email. 7 days notice must be given for ordinary meetings and 24 hours for urgent decisions. 
    6. A vote will be upheld with 50% plus one of the participants in that vote, whether online or at a meeting.
    7. A 50% plus one vote is required for an event or demo to be held under the SHADE banner.
    1. Organisations we approach for funding for projects, events etc must be aligned with our aims and objectives.
    2. A SHADE funding team will be established to keep us updated of available funding, deadlines and potential clashes or overlap.

The constitution will be reviewed annually with an option to review and alter it quarterly in the first year and six-monthly in the second year. 

    1. If a meeting, by simple majority, decides that it is necessary to close down SHADE, it may call a Special General Meeting to do so. The sole business of this meeting will be to dissolve the group. At this meeting, those wishing to dissolve the group must demonstrate how SHADE has deviated from its aims and objectives.
    2. All members must be given one month notice of the Special General Meeting meeting.
    3. A two-thirds majority vote is needed to dissolve SHADE.
    4. If the group is dissolved financial and intellectual property assets will be passed onto groups which share SHADE’s constituted aims and objectives.

Agreed 1/9/2020